Traders and Investors Meet Up Ahmedabad 3 March 2024 Sunday


  • Auto Identification of Bullish and Bearish Trend with Colors
  • Auto Identification of Break out and Break down with Change of Character
  • Auto Identification of Double Top and Double Bottom
  • Auto Identification of Supply Zone and Demand Zone
  • Auto Identification of Premium Zone, Equilibrium Zone and Discount Zone
  • Auto Identification of Boring Candles
  • Auto Identification of Levels, Support and Resistance
  • Auto Identification of Golden Cross and Death Cross
  • Auto Identification of signal for Bullish and Bearish Trend


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Traders and Investors Meet Up Ahmedabad 3 March 2024 Sunday

Learning Topics

  • Falgun Swift Option Buying Strategy (Trade Immediately after Market Open).
  • Trading Psychology With Trading Affirmations.
  • How to Find Equities for Intraday/BTST/Swing/Long Term With Falgun Indicator.
  • How to Trade & Invest With Falgun Indicator.
  • Importance of Technology in Trading and Investing.
  • Capital Management to Get Success and Consistent Results.
  • Option Scalping Strategies with Falgun Indicator.
  • How to Scalp with Just Click Option Scalping Software.
  • Introduction of Algoboom (AI-based Auto Trading Software).