Just Click Option Scalping Software 1 Month Subscription


  • Single Click Option Trading (Entry and Exit) in – Nifty, BankNifty and FinNifty
  • Single Click Future Trading for Index Futures, Commodity and Currency
  • Select Expiry of Your Choice
  • Real – time execution Software
  • Select Options (Call or Put) as per your choice with expiry
  • Execute Order in Commodity, Currency and Equity
  • Auto Sell with Limit Order as per your choice without slippages
  • Buy or Sell with Just Click
  • Trail Options (Call and Put) with Stop loss and target
  • Auto-trail and manual Tail Options as per your trading style
  • See Profit and Loss after Order execution to manage risk
  • AI Based Auto Tracking System
  • Hassle free log in and execution
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  • Order Execution (Entry & Exit) at the blink of an eye, even ina highly volatile Market
  • Increase your Profit by saving on Slippages using Auto Limit Orders with Just Click
  • Manage Risk in Options Trading with Auto Trail using just click
  • Expand the limit of your Profits with the easiest Options and Futures Manual Trailing Features
  • The best tool to manage your profit with stop losses and targets in Options and Futures
  • Swap your positions form Call to Put and Put to Call with just a single click
  • Peace of Mind with Bracket Order and Trailing tools in Options and Future

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